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Digital Treasury – Potential Target or Strongest Defense?

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The rapidly increasing share of digitalization in corporate processes is also creating new opportunities for potential fraud.

Companies that actively automate functions and minimize the human element to reduce potential threats of internal fraud may not be paying enough attention to potential external attacks that can result:

  • Cyber attacks
  • Social engineering
  • Data spoofing
  • Malware
  • More

Securing the payment process is a key function of the Treasurer of the future, working closely with security, IT and Fraud Prevention collectively.


The synergy of the processes will enable companies to withstand internal and external fraud and fend off potential threats.

MSB Events presents a ‘unique on the market’ hands-on online conference:


This Event will answer key questions, help create a secure design and architecture of payment process that will help companies save time, money and resources.


Digital Treasury – Potential Target or Strongest Defense? Let’s deal with MSB Events!


This event will enable attendees to
  • Designate areas of responsibility for ensuring the security of payments
  • Build a competent system of internal controls
  • Compile the CFD matrix
  • Minimize potential fraud through high-quality automation
  • Take part in a master class on the System of Intellectual Support of Control Functions
  • Learn how the payment function is monitored by the security service
  • Build the design and architecture of the payment process
  • Organize a remote payment process
  • Obtain tools to minimize the loss of control during the transfer of the payment function to the SSC
  • Prevent the embedding of an attacker in the payment structure
  • Identify cyber threats to payment process
  • Organize payment function employee workspace
  • Receive a master class on Synergy between Security and Treasury - Security as a Business Partner
  • Analyze typical attacks and fraud schemes in Treasury
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