8-th annual E-docflow online conference | MSB

Automation is the way to optimize and increase business efficiency

Date of the conference:

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) has developed in recent years at an accelerated rate and achieved a certain level of maturity. However, with the advent of the pandemic, companies are faced with a new reality in which their employees, counterparties, partners, and suppliers have no other options for exchanging documents other than translating them into electronic form.

Electronic Document Management is now an important part of the life not only for large organizations, but is also irreplaceable tool for each individual. According to analysts, the trend of EDF penetration into various spheres of life will continue to gain momentum, regardless of the end of pandemic period.

This event will enable participants to:
  • Analyze legislative innovations, trends and prospects in the field of electronic document management
  • Get acquainted with the latest updates to the regulatory framework of long-term electronic document storage
  • Understand the experience of translating transport documents into electronic form
  • Determine the required competencies for labeling systems, set up control procedures and functions
  • Learn about the specifics of organizing EDF (Electronic Document Flow) with non-residents
  • Clarify the key aspects of robotization and required processes in EDF
  • Learn about the features of personal data protection and compliance with legal requirements when implementing EDF
  • Determine the necessary competencies and skills of the personnel for EDF implementation project
  • Learn first hand experience in organizing an electronic archive for long-term storage of documents
Conference audience:
  • Project manager for EDF implementation
  • Chief Accountant
  • IT manager
  • CFO
  • Head of financial and accounting services
  • Tax Specialist
  • Lawyer
  • Head of the General Service Center
  • Head of HR
  • Leading companies in various industries
  • Financial institutions
  • Government agencies
  • IT companies
  • Consulting companies
  • Roaming operators
  • Legal companies
  • Certification centers

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