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Tax monitoring is a new form of tax control that replaces traditional checks on online interaction based on remote access to the taxpayer’s information systems and its accounting and tax reporting. This approach allows to quickly coordinate with the tax authority the position on taxation of planned and committed transactions, provides preventive identification of tax risks, rapid settlement of uncertain tax positions and allows at the time of planning of operations and transactions to prevent the occurrence of tax risks and dispute situations.

In 2021, the number of participants in tax monitoring reached 209 and a growing number of organizations are showing interest in this form of interaction with tax authorities.

The 3rd Practical Conference, organized by MSB Events, will provide an opportunity to discuss in detail the most pressing issues of concern to companies: the innovations of 2021 in reporting and the expansion of the requirements for the organization of Internal Control Department by the Federal Tax Service, the analysis of the details of disclosure and differences in accounting and tax accounting, monitoring of tax risks and control procedures for their management, the implementation of SAF-T and many others.


  • Get clarifications on the 2021 innovations in the Internal Audit and Control reports
  • Identify the role, location, and objectives of Internal Audit and Control in tax monitoring mode
  • Learn about the practical experience of online interaction with the tax authority in the implementation of tax control measures
  • Discuss the expansion of the requirements for the organization of Internal Audit and Control by the Tax Authority
  • Get an analysis of the details of disclosures and differences in accounting and tax accounting for tax monitoring purposes
  • Learn about the experience of participating in the Federal Tax Authority pilot project on the implementation of SAF-T
  • Learn about tax risk monitoring and control procedures for managing them
  • Determine the specifics of the use of artificial intelligence technology to predict tax risks and tax revenues
  • Director of Taxation
  • Head of the Tax Office
  • Head of Tax and Accounting Methodology
  • Chief Accountant
  • CFO
  • Lawyer
  • Head of IT
  • Head of general service centre
  • Leading companies in different industries
  • Financial institutions
  • Public authorities
  • IT companies
  • Consulting companies
  • Law firms
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By sponsoring the TAX MONITORING conference, your company will have the opportunity to communicate with key decision makers from leading companies in their sector.

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