The business world never stands still. It is in motion every minute of the day. Changes to your business are either imposed upon you or grown from within, but never is your business or your position in the market ‘the same’.


Your Compensation and Benefits Management must adapt not only to current trends from the business side, but also social demands from the workforce as well. Influences like trends in robotization and new technologies, force Leaders to reconsider approaches to virtually every facet of their business. Especially important are the challenges to HR policy, including compensation, benefits, motivation and staff involvement.


Effective management of the C&B strategy helps Leaders to work in a more effective corporate climate, increase the efficiency of employees, help staff adapt to new conditions during organizational change. In addition, new reform policies extending the retirement age makes it necessary to reflect seriously on long-term employment plans for an aging workforce.


An effective C&B Strategy creates a positive and fulfilling environment for employees while maintaining and improving efficiency and productivity. Those companies that embrace this change will turn this challenge into a competitive advantage.


MSB Events invites you to join the 3rd international conference: “COMPENSATION, BENEFITS AND PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT 2019”. This practical Business Event will highlight independent and industry experts in the field of Compensation and Benefits discussing new trends in C&B, effective motivation management, integrated approaches to C&B Management, and will give a chance to hear fresh, unique perspectives on current and future problems and solutions in Compensation and Benefits Management.

  • Attend this annual meeting of industry experts which will inspire you with new ideas and insights in C&B
  • Adapt C&B strategies that will help your company face future challenges
  • Analyze legislative changes in HR
  • Build an effective system of motivation for young and seasoned workers
  • Choose the best solutions for automating HR processes
  • Build a culture of Well-Being
  • Get valuable insight into stress in the workplace and learn how to eliminate it
  • Learn about the impact and potential of universal digitalization in C&B
  • Build a system of material incentives to improve performance at all levels of the company
  • Consider non-standard approaches to non-material motivation
  • Implement flexible benefits to attract and retain a new generation of employees
  • Improve global mobilization strategy
  • Transform existing finance systems for evolving C&B policy
  • Create a transparent and understandable communication scheme within the framework of the C&B policy
Аудитория конференции
  • Head of C&B
  • HR Director
  • Head of Reward and Administration Department
  • Director of Personnel Education and Development
  • Head of Global Mobility
  • Head of organisation Effectiveness and Compensation
  • HR business partner
  • Top companies representing different industries
  • Banks and Financial Institutes
  • Consulting companies
  • IT companies
  • HR-agencies
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For questions about registration, accreditation and media support, please contact Mariya Manuilova

Sponsoring the business event 3rd COMPENSATION, BENEFITS AND PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Conference will position your company effectively to communicate with key professionals and decision makers from leading companies. For more information, please contact the Sponsorship Department.

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