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Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Tax Control

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Tax monitoring is a new form of tax control that replaces traditional checks with online interactions. It is based on remote access to the taxpayer’s information systems and their accounting and tax reporting. This approach makes it possible to quickly align on taxation of planned and completed transactions with the tax authority, ensuring preventive identification of tax risks, and quick settlement of uncertain taxation positions.


Tax Monitoring allows real time transaction planning for companies to avoid tax risks and tax disputes that can eat up valuable resources and add to uncertainty.


Tax monitoring is a step into the future.


Taxation authorities are moving towards digital administration and are ready for an open dialogue. Companies that provide the tax authority access to automated systems increase the level of confidence in the taxpayer’s internal control system.


This practical online conference, organized by MSB Events, will provide you with an opportunity to discuss in detail the most pressing issues of concern to companies:

  • The latest updates in the regulatory framework
  • Organizing and deploying an internal audit of readiness to enter the TM regime
  • Preparing for and understanding the rules of information interaction
  • Adapting risk management systems
  • Adjust internal control systems to the requirements of TM
  • Develop and deploy tax monitoring platforms
  • Many others related issues and items.
This Event will give participants the opportunity to:
  • Obtain clarifications on the new legislative requirements
  • Compile a list of documents required for transition to the tax monitoring regime
  • Assess readiness to enter the tax monitoring regime and present the results of the assessment to the company's management for decision-making
  • Design and deploy a transition roadmap that will identify and develop regulations for information interaction
  • Get a clear understanding of information interaction within the tax monitoring regime
  • Discuss key points in document preparation for internal control systems in accordance with tax monitoring requirements
  • Determine the readiness of risk management systems, internal control and IT systems
  • Adapt risk management systems and internal control systems
  • Understand the initial requirements of a tax monitoring platform
  • Get practical experience of online interaction with the tax authority when performing tax control activities
  • Listen first hand to discussions on the practice of using artificial intelligence technology to predict tax risks and tax revenues
  • Director of Taxes
  • Head of Tax Office
  • Head of Tax and Accounting Methodology
  • Chief Accountant
  • CFO
  • Lawyer
  • IT manager
  • Head of the General Service Center
  • Leading companies in various industries
  • Financial institutions
  • Government agencies
  • IT companies
  • Consulting companies
  • Legal companies
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