20th annual conference DIGITAL SSC | MSB

Revolutionary Value of Digitalisation for Next Generation Services

Date of the conference:

The year 2021, by some measures, can be safely called the beginning of the recovery.  Q4 represents firm ground from which the analysis of achievements and the understanding of mistakes can be made. How has the global pandemic and the transition of business to a remote work format initiated the impetus for the rapid adoption of digital technologies, and what challenges will arise? Despite the significant increase in expertise in automation issues, a number of difficulties are still persistent, standing in the way of new digital tool adoption.

A smart digital strategy has enormous business potential that will drive companies to achieve significant success in streamlining processes, reducing labor costs and increasing operational efficiency.

The MSB “Digital SSC” virtual conference will provide an opportunity to:

  • Analyze the path to the inevitable digitalization of processes
  • Get acquainted with best practices and innovative ideas
  • Build a strategy for a flexible and efficient SSC of the future

The Event will provide a unique opportunity to hear firsthand inspiring examples of the use of digital services and take participants on virtual tour of internationally recognized European service centers, focusing on their successes in digitalization and automation.






• Societe Generale Global Solution Centre, Romania.

  • Societe Generale Global Solution Center was founded in Romania in 2011 as a service center forthe Societe Generale Group.
  • The company offers a wide range of high-quality professional services in various fields of activity for the Group’s entities worldwide: Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, Know Your Customer, Compliance and Business Advisory.
  • With a team of over 2,100 experts and specialists, the company serves 35 countries for all major business lines of Societe Generale.
  • Societe Generale Global Solution Center Romania means performance, innovation, and the best-in-class talent.


• AB InBev Prague Digital Hub, Czech Republic.

  • AB InBev BSC Prague was founded in 2006 and unites over 750 specialists.
  • In 2021, the Prague Digital Hub was created with the aim of globally servicing the company’s processes: order-to-cash, logistics, P2P, procurement and supply, HR, IT, Project Team, New Tech Team, etc.
  • Winner of the International ABSL DIAMONDS 2019 Award in the nomination “Business Innovations”: Disruption of Global supply chains through advanced digitalization.
  • Winner of the International ABSL DIAMONDS 2020 Award in the nomination “Innovative Workplace”: BookMySeat tool – a model of digital workplace focusing on employee needs and satisfaction that drives effective collaboration

Join the professional community of SSC experts today, to be effective tomorrow!

Safe and convenient working format: online, ZOOM.

Conference languages: Russian, English (simultaneous translation).

The event will allow participants to
  • Get acquainted with international examples of digitalized shared service centers
  • Visit internationally recognized European SSCs virtually, with minimal risks
  • Immerse themselves in the future of new technologies and build smart digital strategies
  • Assess the maturity of SSC processes for digitalization
  • Learn how to manage change while implementing digital directions
  • Learn secrets to motivate change resistant employees to generate new ideas
  • Analyze staffing challenges in the rapidly changing labor market landscape
  • Discuss the development of digital culture in the new SSC
  • Get inspired by new ideas for SSC development and enter 2022 with fresh ideas to boost operational efficiency
  • Join the top SSC professional community today to be effective tomorrow!
  • SSC Director
  • Director of Automation, RPA, AI, and business process optimization
  • Heads of innovation centres/centre of excellence/project management office
  • Head of IT
  • Head of key business aspects of SSCs
  • CFO
  • Head Accountant
  • Head of HR
  • Companies from various industries
  • Banks
  • Consulting companies
  • IT companies and digital agencies
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