15th Practical Business Meeting DIGITAL SSC | MSB

Unleashing the Benefits of Digital Technology for Next-Gen Services


The influence of innovative technologies on business development continues to increase and drive the fusion of tech and business together. The transition of services to a next gen level of development and the dawn of digital SSC is a natural process proceeding at a furious pace.

Service center 4.0 is based on efficiency and continuous improvement. SSCs looking ahead are duty bound to consider the introduction of digital solutions as an effective way of increasing service efficiency, improving customer focus and a new stage of business development.

MSB Events is proud to invite you to participate in the international meeting:

Digital SSC

The Event will be held in Bucharest, Romania, the cradle of some of the leading IT-developments and the GBS’S mecca of international companies.










Participants will have a unique opportunity to visit Industry leading Service Centers located in and around Bucharest, meet and personally communicate with their leaders, discuss practices for implementing digital solutions as well as special topics like business processes automation and optimization.

The Event will gather SSC Executives and Key Business Leaders, bringing years of practical experience to bear. Their experience in overseeing implementation and developing digital projects in the SSC of companies spanning numerous industries is a unique opportunity for participants.

The Event will also provide an opportunity to analyze the impact of the latest technologies on service functions, determine digital maturity and the most effective solutions for your center, discuss financial aspects of project implementation. Attendees will gain a unique perspective provided by industry leaders and will look at the development of SSC from a fresh and powerful position.

As a part of the Digital SSC business meeting the reference visit to the Societe Generale European Business Services (SG EBS) will take place.

Our rich business and cultural program is a unique networking opportunity as well as a chance to stimulate fresh thinking, find new ideas, make plans for your future business growth, and enjoy the spirit of mysterious Transylvania.

  • Learn about best practices of European experts and get inspired by new ideas in SSC development
  • Visit various service centres in Romania
  • Discover the newest achievements in digitization of the service industry
  • Assess the maturity of your SSC
  • Hear about the experience of building a comprehensive HR system in a digital era
  • Discuss how the digital culture is developing in the new generation of SSCs
  • Get acquainted with the case studies involving the use of the latest technology in customer care
  • SSC Director
  • CFO
  • Head Accountant
  • Head of key business aspects of SSCs
  • Director of Automation, RPA, AI, and business process optimization
  • Heads of innovation centres/centre of excellence/ project management office
  • Head of IT
  • Companies from various industries
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Consulting companies
  • IT companies and digital agencies
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For questions about registration, accreditation and media support, please contact Anastasia Ozhegova

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