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Partnership and Meeting Immediate Business Requirements


Global digitalization of economic processes, transformation of the corporate environment, introduction of innovative technologies in all business areas offers not only unique opportunities for development, but also raises new risks and threats. In today’s hyper competitive business environment, Security Director are challenged to meet growing business requirements, to evolve andadapt to new operational conditions, to adopt and master emergingtechnologies, all in an effort to protect and secure business interests. Today’s Security Directors must up their game to cooperate efficiently and productively with other divisions, while developingcomplex of measures for protection against clear and present risks and threats. MSB Events presents the 8th Annual Practical Conference “Corporate Security” The eventbring together Security Leaders responsible for leading security operations in multinational and regional business operations. The Event will give participants a clear analysis of the current conditions and trends in Security and will provide a forum to discuss the strategies and developments important to their work. The Security Expert Club, with authoritative professionals in the industry will be organized during the conference for the first time. Due to the new format, participant will have a unique chance to seek out answers to pressing questions, share challenges and obtain expert recommendations on their most pressing challenges. The Event will also feature a special presentation for the participants – an intellectual and psychological show “Mental Thinking: Profiling, Mind-Reading, Intuition” by a famous mentalist and expert in the area of neuroeducation, hypnosis, definition of truth and deception, Nikoloz Tsaava.

We will also feature an evening reception. Guests will have an opportunity to meet informally and get to know one another, exchange contacts and just relax with peers.

This Event will feature:
  • Inspiration from the Case Studies of successful companies
  • Presentations and Q&A in the area of the business security and protection
  • New ideas in the development of the security services and how to take the function to a new level
  • A deep dive into the prospects of building mutually beneficial partnerships with business divisions and units
  • New approaches to risk minimization in the context of digitalization
  • Success stories from the front lines of fraud and corruption prevention
  • Active networking, introductions and informal meetings
The conference audience:
  • Security Vice President
  • Head of the Security Department, Security Service and Business Protection
  • Director of the Economic Security Department
  • Director of the Information Security Department
  • Internal auditor
  • Risk manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Companies from various industries
  • Financial institutes
  • IT companies
  • Consulting companies
  • Protection enterprises and detective agencies
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For questions about registration, accreditation and media support, please contact Mariya Manuilova

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